Tuesday, November 30, 2010

20 Days of World of Warcraft - Day 4

15 minutes before midnight! STILL COUNTS! >.>

What is your favorite emote and the best situation to use it in?

There's several i've found good uses for. Living on a PvP server I think my favorite one, recently, has become /golfclap. You clap for [target], clearly unimpressed. What does that have to do with being on a PvP server? Well, quite simply there's a fair amount of lowbie ganking going on. I always take time to /sigh at high levels who attack me. And if they fail to kill me in just one shot, then I /golfclap at them, because they're apparently doing SUCH a spectacular job. They're completely pro at PvP... can't you tell?

That's one I do a lot IRL. I'm not entirely sure if it's a real emote in-game, but it should be.

There's a lot of IRL flailing going on.

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