Monday, November 29, 2010

20 Days of World of Warcraft - Day 3

Man.. I should REALLY set an alarm for myself to remember to do this.. Anyway Day 3's question is...

Who is your favorite NPC?

Urgh.. Y'know.. this is a really difficult question for me to answer. There are so many cool characters in WoW's history that have great stories in the lore and what not... but picking just one? Ugh, I dunno.

After thinking about it for a while, I have decided on Algalon the Observer... the FINAL final boss in Ulduar. Why? Several reasons: One, the fight is BAD ASS. Just... simply amazing. Two, his in-game model is stellar. One of the best in my opinion. Three, his speech after defeating him, included below...

"I've seen worlds bathed in The Makers flames. Their denizens fading without so much as whimper. Entire planetary systems born and raised in the time it takes your mortal hearts to beat once. Yet all throughout, my own heart, devoid of emotion of empathy, I have felt.... NOTHING. A million, million lives wasted. Had they all held within them your tenacity, had they all loved life as you do..."

Holy shit... I know that the speech may not seem like much just reading it, but hearing the vocalizations is just stunning. Especially at the "I have felt... NOTHING" part. It's just chilling. Also, think about Algalon's story. He is simply a tool of the creators. He has been running around the cosmos for untold countless millenia doing everything the Makers' have asked without questioning his purpose, or the absolute wisdom of the creator's decisions... until now. Until 10 (or 25) lowly humans injure him to the point of actually making him think he could be beaten... make him second guess everything. How would you feel in his situation?


  1. It's nice to finally see another npc named then Sylvanas :)And the reasons you have given are making him a lot more interesting in my eyes now.

  2. If you want to hear the actual voice acting of Algalon's speech, go to this youtube link, and watch at about the 3:15 mark. I still get chills listening to that speech.

  3. His model is "stellar," hah -- I hope that pun was at least a tiny bit intentional! He does have a very nifty model, though, and once I can I plan to go listen to that speech.


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