Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Screenshotted awesomeness

So... far be it for me to follow the blogging trend and talking about the same shit EVERYONE is talking about, but damn if the Shattering didn't give EVERYONE SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT.

And rationally so.. a LOT of shit happened, and much of it is COMPLETE AWESOME WIN.

I think this post is going to be a lot of screenshots today. I'll give explanation where explanation is due.
Epic quest text struck me as hilarious at the time. No real reason, but the underlined part just made me laugh when put into context of the rest of the quest text.

Yeah.... that's an ogre... riding a spider in Searing Gorge.. What a fucking hilarious sight. I laughed for quite some time over that. Apparently this ogre is a pacifist and is good at finding ways to get what you need from creatures WITHOUT killing them. This one? He was helping me get venom from the spider.... I don't wanna know how.

The ogre returns.. this time? He's helping me get items from dark iron dwarves. How? By putting them to sleep... Yeah... he's sitting on them until they go unconscious.... I... I just don't...

In the midst of doing the quest to put the Dark Iron Dwarves "to sleep" I was extremely disturbed to find one of them yelled this out... and then I think my spleen ruptured from laughing so hard.

The goblin model looks *amazing* now. This is a character named Rhea. I won't spoil her story, but the quest chain is in the Badlands and is fucking amazing as well as sad... Definitely something you should look for.

Sighhhh.... More setbacks? Really? Well, at least Blizzard knows how to make fun of themselves.

Hey, by the way.. Did you know that Dual Talent Specializations can be bought at level 30 now? For *10* fucking gold? No? Me neither, but here's proof. Did it on my own priest here.

If you never played The Lost Vikings for the Super Nintendo or Sega then shame on you. Epic game was absolutely amazing. PLUS, these three apparently finally made it out of Uldaman (Which I had no idea they were in to begin with, but meh). But wait, it gets better! There's a quest in the Badlands where you get to CONTROL THEM! How fucking sweet! They all have 2 abilities that go on a pet bar of yours. So much win.

So.. What should you take out of this? As much as I was (And still am) looking forward to Cataclysm, Blizzard fucking knocked a home run with the old world revamp. I'm exceedingly impressed. Bravo guys... Bra-fucking-vo. Also, it was a brilliant move for you to release the new quests 2 weeks before Cataclysm. Why? Because now we can get some of this "OOH SHINY SHIT!" syndrome out of our system for a couple weeks, and be ready to settle back into our mains to trek into Hyjal/Vashj'ir when Cata finally drops.


  1. God, it's wonderful to have all this new stuff to discover. Love the screenies.

    Also I'm slightly disturbed by how weirdly hot I'm finding female goblins right now :/


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