Sunday, November 28, 2010

20 Days of Warcraft - Day 2

This had totally slipped my mind... I guess it's a good thing I tend to write my blog posts REALLY early in the morning, eh? Oh well.. Day 2!

What is your favorite race and why?
This is another one I kinda struggled with for a while. First inclination was to say Draenei, but then... no. I just hate the way their male model looks. Their female models look awesome, and the lore behind their class is so great. I really just love their backstory and the interaction with the Legion and all of that.

Overall I kind of settled on a 3-way tie for first though. I just can't decide!

Orc, Troll, Dwarf. I know, seems like an odd combination, but hear me out. The lore behind all three of these races is just amazing. Especially with all the political intrigue going on in Ironforge at the moment, that just makes things a LOT more interesting. The heated arguments between Vol'jin and Garrosh are fucking epic. I started a baby troll last night and brought him through the Echo Isles, and while i'm not going to spoil the quest line.. HOLY SHIT! Anyway... Then the orcs. They've always had a cool story line, and I admit I am a sucker for anything with the Burning Legion so heavily tied in. I flew my baby troll into Orgrimmar last night and HOLY SHIT. I even had a spazz attack over twitter about it. I mean, I had seen screenshots, and heard about it all, but NOTHING prepares you for the real thing like taking that wind rider in from Razor Hill, and zooming your camera all the way in.


  1. Horde-wise it's always been trolls for me so far, they just have this funky vibe going on imo. =) but ever since i've seen the goblin models live now, i've been totally in love with both the looks of the males and females, they've done a great job on their char design - am positively jealous now (can't say I find the worgen as cool).

    And I have yet to check out Orgrimmar, good point!

  2. Syl, I STRONGLY suggest that when you first go into Orgrimmar, whether it's by flightmaster or by foot (i'd suggest flight master)... Zoom your camera all the way in, and just watch the scenery float by as your character would literally see it. It's quite amazing.

  3. Hehe, I actually do that a lot during exploring, it's a good point! and hide the UI =)


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