Thursday, November 18, 2010

Titles and Finishing Up Wrath

So, with 2 1/2 weeks left in Wrath, my guild has been doing a little bit less "serious" raiding and more finishing up our "bucket lists" before things go away... A few people are attempting to get "Undying" from Naxx (nobody dies to a boss within a single lockout), and others, myself included (unknowingly) are still trying for "Champion of Ulduar", which includes defeating every boss with no one dying... and unlike Undying in Naxx, you can't reset that by wiping the boss. It has to be a one-shot clean kill.

As I mentioned in my last post, i've done a lot of things in this expansion that I never even expected to have the opportunity to do. I am two fights away from having my Ulduar 10m drake (Vezax HM and Yogg+1)... a couple more of my guildies got theirs last night, or will tonight I believe. I've seen literally *every* boss in this expansion fall before me (and now that I think about it, almost all of them were in heroic mode. A total of 6 bosses' hard modes escape me, now that I think on it... huh)

So, I don't exactly know what got me pondering it this morning, but I started thinking about titles... I started thinking about the titles that my main (Vaerron) has, and the little dilemma I had with myself over using either Kingslayer or Starcaller... So I posed the question to my twitter-base as to which title they felt was cooler. I actually had quite a response - with both titles getting about an equal nod. I personally went with Starcaller, because I've been Kingslayer on my druid since July, and it felt like time for a change. Besides, my hunter is still Kingslayer at the moment. Also, as several people have pointed out, Starcaller is a much more exclusive title. It seems like a majority of the people rampaging around Dalaran have Kingslayer titles, but not as many have Starcaller, so that kinda makes me feel pretty awesome... not that I am better than your average Dalaran wander-jockey. ;D

So, after the huge response I got to my "Kingslayer or Starcaller" question, I decided to pose another question to my followers... "Which title does (any of) your toons possess that you're the most proud of?"... Man... my twitter-feed was *not* prepared. I am still getting some replies even as I write this on my break during class!

I've recieved quite a large variety of replies. Some people saying Kingslayer or Starcaller predictably. Some of them saying much more exclusive ones like "Hand of A'dal" or "Champion of the Naaru", both of which are no longer obtainable. Several people mentioned the PvP titles that were given from back in the day, whereas others mentioned some VERY grind-accomplished titles like Salty, Loremaster, Bloodsail Admiral and Seeker. I think Cynwise won the "Holy fucking shit" achievement when he proclaimed his proudest title (with proof on his blog) that he had a level 19 Ambassador... holy shit.. I've got a metric TON of 80s, and only one of them has Ambassador. You can see how he did it here... Absolute insanity, if you ask me, but I digress.

So, if you're not on my twitter feed, feel free to follow me @Achloryn and see what all the insanity is about.. There is a *wonderful* WoW community on twitter, and a very large part of them are bloggers/podcasters as well. I'm really quite glad I stumbled my way across them. They've found me a guild, helped me improve my WoW game, allowed me to help others, helped me find new friends, and just been all-around fucking awesome... Now, before this post gets too sappy, i'm gonna close it out by saying just one thing.

I'm on a Chocobo!

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  1. Sorry Fuzz - I don't do Twitter & you can't make me.

    Titles that Krikket has worn proudly at one time or another during WotLK:

    of the Nightfall
    the Diplomat
    the Seeker

    ...I think I put Kingslayer on for the screenshot, and not since then. The kill for me was really exciting. The title, not so much.


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