Friday, December 10, 2010

Trinkets yes, pretty trinkets! (BRAWWK-K!!)

Pre raiding trinkets are something i've been REALLY hesitant to mention up to this point. Now that my druid is level 85 (2nd in my guild... not to bad in my opinion) i've found myself in a position where I need to start looking seriously at trinkets I can grab.

Problem is, they're pretty damn scant. Any of you who tanked in Wrath... feel free to sigh and nod knowingly. So, without further ado...

Be warned, unlike my previous lists, I included profession-specific ones here.

[Heart of Thunder] Static Armor, with a Battlemaster-style on use health increase. Never been a fan of tanks using battlemaster trinkets, but the armor is quite nice. This is actually the one that I picked up earlier from Heroic Vortex Pinnacle.

[Leaden Despair] Your standard high stamina tanking trinket, with a nice little proc when you get below 35% health. I will be farming for this one as a backup. It drops from Heroic Stonecore.

[Porcelain Crab] A great passive dodge increase (4.37% at level 85) makes this worthwhile by itself, but the added benefit of proccing a HUGE mastery bonus is amazing. I am curious what the up-time on that proc is, because it could raise or lower the value of this trinket pretty dramatically. Drops from Heroic Throne of the Tides.

[Darkmoon Card: Earthquake] Unless you literally have money BURNING HOLES in your bank alt's bank account, you probably won't be coming across this anytime soon... and honestly, I don't feel it's worth the monetary cost it'll inevitably generate. Dodge (albeit a nice amount of dodge) and a battlemaster's health increase? It seems a bit underbudget for an ilvl 359 epic.

[Figurine: Earthen Guardian] Jewelcrafting only. If you're a JC, there's absolutely no reason you should bypass this. A large stam bonus, plus a huge on-use dodge cooldown... Amazing, and possibly even overbudget for an i346 blue.

[Lifebound Alchemist Stone] Alchemy only. A large amount of stam, a blue gem socket, and a great mastery increase??? If you're an alchemist bear, there's no reason to bypass this. Truly fits the i359 epic.

Welps.... that's really all there is. There are a lot of other....iffy trinkets bears could take with obscene amounts of agility and mastery... and I guess to a point it's really situational. I think taking legit tanking trinkets would be far more benefit in the long run, because heroics are [b]scary[/b] right now... I can only imagine what raids are going to be like.

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