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Level 85 gear, for the raid-minded bear.

So, you want to raid on your bear. Well, as you may or may not have seen, I did a list of gear to look for before getting into tanking heroic dungeons. By no means is it completely comprehensive, or a strict baseline of what you NEED TO HAVE before bearing it up in heroics. The same goes for the post to come. It's not 100%, it's not a step by step MUST HAVE THIS OMG OR YOU CAN'T RAID. I'm no Elitist Jerks... and I can't tell you the stat weights and priorities from memory of what we need and when to judge crit over mastery or vice versa.

Here's what I can tell you from my personal experience with bears:
Agility and Stamina are king. I don't think anyone will ever dispute that really.
We need 961 (rounded up) hit rating to be 8% hit capped.
We need 781 (rounded up) expertise to be dodge-capped.
Parry cap is 1682 expertise, so I wouldn't even worry about that.
Hit and Expertise are our biggest threat stats. Do we necessarily have to be capped? Not... necessarily, but we're probably gimping our threat generation the farther from it we are.
Our Mastery is FUCKING AMAZING, even after the nerf. We should probably devour it up. I have no theory to back it up, but I would even suggest reforging all haste into mastery once we're close to the hit/expertise levels we need.
Our Mastery ALSO only procs off of crits so crit rating is going to matter to a point as well.

This list is all heroic dungeon level items or higher (such as crafted/reputation items). You will see a little overlap from my previous list, but only because of item level. I'm also ignoring any resilience gear, as it's generally not as good for raiding as it's item level belies.

This list is set up very similarly to the last one, with a couple additions. After I name an item, i'll list where it's procured from, and it's "green stats". Mastery, haste, crit, hit, expertise are all green stats. All of these items generally have 2 of them in some combination, so it is up to you to decide which ones would be more beneficial to your bear, based on the gear you already have. And so, with that out of the way, on to the list!

Helm of Numberless Shadows - Heroic Stonecore (Hit/Crit)
Mask of Vines - 2,200 Justice Points (Crit/Haste)

Caridean Epaulets - Heroic Throne of the Tides (Expertise/Haste)
Embrace of the Night - 1,650 Justice Ppoints (Crit/Hit)
Thieving Spaulders - Heroic Shadowfang Keep (Crit/Haste)

Kaleki Cloak - Heroic List City of Tol'vir (Mastery/Hit)
Cloak of Thredd - Heroic Deadmines (Mastery/Crit)
Razor-Edged Cloak - Leatherworking (Mastery/Crit)
Cape of the Brotherhood - Heroic Deadmines (Haste/Hit)
Softwind Cape - Earthen Ring - Revered (Haste/Hit)
Twitching Shadows - Heroic Blackrock Caverns (Crit/Haste)

Chest (There is an epic, ilvl 359 item in here, but don't let the purple fool you)
Vest of Misshapen Hides - Heroic Grim Batol (Mastery/Crit)
Defias Brotherhood Vest - Heroic Deadmines (Mastery/Haste)
Hieroglyphic Vest - Heroic Halls of Origination (Crit/Haste)
Tunic of Shifting Envy - 2,200 Justice Points (Crit/Hit)
Assassin's Chestplate - Leatherworking (Crit/Hit) No gem sockets

Double Dealing Bracers - Heroic Shadowfang Keep (Mastery/Crit)
Poison Fang Bracers - Heroic Halls of Origination (Haste/Hit)

Sticky Fingers - 1,650 Justice Points (Mastery/Haste)
Gloves Of Haze - Heroic Vortex Pinnacle (Mastery/Crit)
Liar's Handwraps / Stormbolt Gloves - Dragonmaw Clan (H)/Wildhammer Clan (A): Exalted (Crit/Haste)

Sash of Musing - 1,650 Justice Points (Expertise/Mastery)
Quicksand Belt - Rankahen - Revered (Crit/Hit)
Red Beam Cord - Heroic Halls of Origination (Crit/Haste)
Belt of a Thousand Mouths - ?????? (Crit/Haste) No gem socket
Belt of Nefarious Whispers - Leatherworking (Mastery/Hit) No gem socket

Leggings of the Burrowing Mole - 2,200 Justice Points (Mastery/Expertise)
Beauty's Chew Toy - Heroic Blackrock Caverns (Haste/Hit)

Crafty's Gaiters - Heroic Lost City of Tol'vir (Mastery/Haste)
VanCleef's Boots - Heroic Deadmines (Mastery/Haste)
Boots of the Predator - Heroic Shadowfang Keep (Crit/Hit)

(I decided, what the hell, and went ahead to include jewelry/weapons/relics. NOTHING in here should be Profession Specific)
Brazen Elementium Medallion - Jewelcrafting (Crit/Haste)
Entwined Elementium Choker - Jewelcrafting (Crit/Haste)
Pendant of the Lightless Grotto - Heroic Stonecore (Crit/Mastery) no socket
Mouth of the Earth - Heroic Halls of Origination (Hit/Expertise) no socket
Barnacle Pendant - Heroic Throne of Tides (Haste/Expertise) no socket
Acorn of the Daughter Tree - Guardians of Hyjal: Revered (Crit/Haste) no socket
Amulet of Dull Dreaming - 1,250 Justice Points (Crit/Haste) no socket

Band of Blades - Jewelcrafting (Crit/Hit)
Elementium Destroyer's Ring - Jewelcrafting (Mastery/Crit)
Skullcracker Ring - Heroic Blackrock Caverns (Crit/Haste) no socket
Terrath's Signet of Balance - Therazane: Revered (Mastery/Hit) no socket
Ring of Blinding Stars - Heroic Halls of Origination (Mastery/Haste) no socket
Ring of Dun Algaz - Heroic Grim Batol (Crit/Hit) no socket
Nautilus Ring - ?????? (Crit/Haste) no socket
Mirage Ring - Heroic Lost City of Tol'Vir (Haste/Hit) no socket
Signet of the Elder Council - Earthen Ring: Exalted (Haste/Mastery) no socket

Relic (Cata is introducing a NOVEL idea of craftable fucking relics... WIN!!!!)
Relic of Arathor - Heroic Shadowfang Keep (Crit/Haste)
Sandshift Relic - Heroic Blackrock Caverns (Crit/Hit)
Silver Inlaid Leaf - Inscription (Crit/Haste)

Weapons (I only went with 2handed weapons, because that's what a druid should fucking use IMO)
Seliza's Spear - Heroic Lost City of Tol'vir (Mastery/Crit)
Elementium Poleaxe - Blacksmithing (Mastery/Crit)
Darkling Staff - Heroic Stonecore (Hit/Mastery)
Mobus' Vile Halberd - Mobus - World raid boss in Vashj'ir. (Haste/Mastery)
Berto's Staff - Heroic Blackrock Caverns (Crit/Haste)
Spear of Trailing Shadows - Baradin's Wardens (A)/Hellscream's Reach (H): Revered (Hit/Haste)

You'll notice I didn't include Trinkets in this list... there's a wee bit of laziness in that, on my end, so I apologize for that. The main problem with trinkets is that some of them provide substantial bonuses (agility stacks, large on-use mastery bonuses, etc) that without knowing a bit more about proc rates, uptimes, and stat-weights I can't make very well informed decisions about trinkets. Sorry about that folks! Hope the rest of this list is very useful to you, and again if you have questions/comments/disputes about anything I listed, feel free to comment!


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