Saturday, December 4, 2010

How to gear your bear @ 85

What is this? Another USEFUL post? God forbid. Well, I figured somewhere in the midst of my "20 days of WoW" challenges, I would throw a nugget of genuinely helpful information... so to Wowhead I went... with lots of items to sort through, and a profiler that refuses to show stats for level 85.... blah. Anyway, here goes. All of these items are acquired either by reputation, crafting, normal mode dungeons, or Justice points... No heroics required (necessarily) for these.

I should note that I am going to leave out jewelry (rings, necks, trinkets) and the idol. Jewelry is going to be bizarre to come across, and idols... well, I assume there won't be many to come across between 80 and 85, so on to the armor...

Here's the basic rundown. I name a slot, and show the items that i've found fit best in that slot pre-heroic dungeons via Wowhead's item comparison. I included JP purchasable items under the assumption that doing a random normal mode dungeon once daily will still net you some JP the first time you do them. All of these items are blue quality, because Blizzard is doing what they can to make epic level items feel much more significant than they did in Wrath (which is perfectly fine by me).

You'll notice a significant number of options are from the Bloodied Leather crafted set. Not unlike the Eviscerator's set before it, these provide a decent set of stats, and are relatively easily obtainable, but are usually missing a crucial stat such as hit, expertise, or mastery, and instead replace them with Resilience. Sadly, resilience is a garbage stat since we get crit-immunity through talents.

I won't go into great lengths to tell you which stats you need, and which to prioritize over others because I will assume that if you're here, you have a basic idea of how things work. Agility, Stamina, Hit, Expertise, Mastery, Crit are our key stats. Haste isn't bad, but I would never prioritize it over the others.

You may notice on a couple items (mainly the cloaks) that they have strength instead of agility. The reason for this is.... a bit complicated, as Blizzard has said that they want non-plate wearers to go for agility for their AP. The problem is that gear with tanking stats (such as dodge) don't come on items with agility. Will the agility we have give us enough dodge, or will we have to dip into "plate" tanking cloaks/rings/necks? Not entirely sure just yet... I will require some field test to follow up for certain. Anyway, enough rambling... on with the list!

Here is your item comparison.
[Dunwald Winged Helm] and [Shocktrooper Hood] are the same item, only Alliance/Horde (respectively) quest rewards from the Twilight Highlands.
[Bloodied Leather Helm] is a part of the level 85 crafted leatherworking set. It's a starter pvp set, very similar to the Eviscerator's set that could be made at used at level 78.
[Mask of Vines] is purchased for 2,200 justice points.

Here is your item comparison.
[Clandestine Spaulders] drop from the normal mode Lost City of Tol'vir dungeon.
[Bloodied Leather Shoulders] are a part of the same leatherworking set I mentioned earlier.
[Embrace of the Night] is purhcased for 1,650 justice points.

Here is your item comparison.
[Heiroglyphic Vest] drops from the normal mode Halls of Origination.
[Bloodied Leather Chest] yeah, it's bloodied.. leatherworking... yadda yadda.
[Tunic of Sinking Envy] 2,200 justice points.

Here is your item comparison.
[Shade of Death] uhm.... I have no idea where this comes form.. weird.
[Razor-Edged Cloak] is made from Leatherworking.
[Twilight Dragonscale Cloak] is also made from Leatherworking.

Here is your item comparison.
[Poison Fang Bracers] drop from normal mode Halls of Origination.
[Bloodied Leather Bracers] more pvp leatherworking gear.

Here is your comparison.
[Bloodied Leather Gloves] bloodied... I think you get the pattern by now.
[Sticky Fingers] bought with 1,650 justice points.

Here is your item comparison.
[Red Beam Cord] is dropped out of the normal mode Halls of Origination.
[Bloodied Leather Belt]
[Sash of Musing] is bought with 1,650 justice points.
[Belt of a Thousand Mouths] there's no location given for this item.

Here is your item comparison.
[Garona's Finest Leggings] and [Shaw's Finest Leggings] are horde/alliance (respective) quest rewards from Twilight Highlands.
[Bloodied Leather Leggings] second verse, same as the first.
[Leggings of the Burrowing Mole] 2,200 justice points.

Here is your item comparison.
[Crafty's Gaiters] drop from the Lost City of Tol'vir.
[Bloodied Leather Boots] bloody leatherworkers are going to clean up with up and coming feral druids.

Holy hell that's a lot of stuff, and it's not even ALL of our slots. Feel free to add, question, or dispute any of my choices in the comments. I am always willing to help people out with learning to bear-butt :D


  1. Thanks for doing the leg work on this.

    In regards to your question/point about "plate" jewlery/cloaks and Melee dps jewlery and cloaks, I think that the agi ones will end up coming out on top. For most of wrath I went with Strength/stam rings, cloaks and trinkets, but when I started looking at survivability and such on Rawr, the dps pieces were almost always better. I would assume that would be the case come Cataclysm. However (in my opinion), Bears should still be able lay claim to rolling on those "plate" cloaks and jewlery if nothing else is around.

  2. Thanks for the comment en_bell. I have a feeling you're right about agility items vs str/dodge items. The main reason bears in 3.x took str/dodge rating items were because they generally offered more stamina, and in certain cases more armor.

    After doing a little more digging (and a fresh set of eyes after a night's sleep) it seems like the comparable Agility cloaks (and etc) offer the same amount of Stamina and Armor as the Strength cloaks. Looks like bears will won't be compeeting against other tanks for their gear so much anymore.... this makes me exceedingly happy :D

  3. Yeah. I'm excited about the change as well. It does mean that we're fighting with Hunter and Rogues though. :( At least those two classes have taken a hit in numbers since mid wrath. :D


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