Thursday, December 9, 2010

In which I don't just put my foot in my mouth...

I inhaled the entire damn thing.

So... you may've noticed me rampaging like a madman earlier. Yeah, I kinda went off on twitter, I went off in my blog... and that's what it's here for, but I still think I over did it.

I played my paladin for a couple hours, got her up to 81 and then while doing some more questing I ran into an asshole who just kept corpse camping me... fuck that, I logged back into my druid. Deepholm is a REALLY fun zone by the way. Amazing for herbing as well... holy crap I found a ton of herbs there. Anyway... I decided "what the hell.. My druid's farther along than my pally.. Might as well take him to 85 first... and if i'm gonna do that, i'm going to see if maybe there is something that *I'M* doing wrong"...

/g Anybody want to do a dungeon?

5 minutes later i'm in a group full of guildies, and off we go... Throne of the Tides. Hrmm... I think I remember how this goes. (hops in vent anyway... none of the people I was queued with are in there, but others are so whatevs)
(~30 minutes later) Well shit... that was smooth. What the hell was I doing differently? Hrmm...
warlock in party: Wanna do BRC? There's a something in there I want.
me: Sure why not.

(another ~30 minutes later) Fuck.. that was clean. What the hell's different?
*queue up vent* PANZERKIN! I'm not running dungeons with you anymore. You're too much of an aggro whore.
panzerkin (in vent): Yeah.. probably. What makes you say that?
me: Cause I just did 2 dungeons with other guildies and had almost ZERO AGGRO ISSUES YOU MOONKIN WHORE.
panzerkin: Heh.. Yeah... It could be just me.

*Cue me second guessing my rant from earlier while I go back to questing in Deepholm*
(hour-ish? later) Another guildie whisperes me: "You done Stonecore yet?"
me: "Yep"
him: "Want to go again? They have (some other item) I kinda want."
me: "Sure... see who else in guild wants to go"
(2o minutes later group is put together.... 45 minutes after THAT we're done)

Well fuck.. Yeah I lost aggro a couple times, but I didn't feel like the helpless little scrub-sauce I was this morning. I had to work harder than I am used to, and I had to pay a lot more attention... but it really wasn't too bad.

So yeah. Anyone I might've offended or acted overly snarky towards on twitter... if you're reading this, I apologize. Bears might need a little help... but I think I needed more help this morning. I needed to take more control of the DPS and, I needed to take more control of how I was tanking. I'm a good tank, but there's still a lot of that WotLK mindset rampaging around in my brain... need to work on that, but I think i'm on my way.

Now, if you'll excuse me, there's a size-12 I need to remove from my esophogus.


  1. Ha! I read your entry before this one AFTER those two runs and though "Ok, I know I had my head tucked into health bars but - (a) bearbutt wasn't hard to heal, even with me being a heal-scrub at the moment, (b) DPS wasn't hard to heal if they stayed out of bad stuff and (c) I only had one caster on me once in two instances.

    When I healed the other day with our Horde bear tank, he was marking like a madman, saying "SINGLE TARGET ONLY UNLESS I SAY SO" and asking Ted to MD Multishot on cooldown on trash. This is the same bear tank who used to brag about how many game mechanics he could just overpower in WotLK.

    It's a new world, Fuzz. You got this. It's a learning curve for all of us.

  2. Zha'ane/Channi/HaavokDecember 9, 2010 at 12:40 PM

    Yeah, I saw the wall of text you were posting about wanting to drop bear tanking but I was too busy (and a few hours behind your posts) to thing tweeting you would have done much good. But I WANTED to say you probably just need to look at your group makeup and try to take it easy in there. Even in Wrath I could have problems tanking H-UK one minute, then with a whole new group have it go smooth as silk.

    Sounds like you found your problem though! If he pulls agro, let him tank it. Or the floor as the case may be!

    Keep at it and above all, have fun!

  3. Stonecore went pretty well indeed. You were trying to keep aggro from a DK a Boomkin and a fury warrior going all out on the whirlwind lol.

    To be fair, you loosing aggro had more to do with us dps than anything else. Like i got aggro from you ocne or twice at the beginning...then i decided to give you a 2 sec lead before applying my dots and then i start nuking :)

    It's adjustement time for everyone. Resto druid healing is SO different i feel completely lost too.

  4. Thanks for the nice words guys. I think I just got far too wrapped up in my own frustration of not being able to do everything like I used to... I knew consciously that things were different, but at the same time I let my ego get in the way, thinking I was better than the mechanics.

    I am... but I have to work WAY harder at it than I used to, and like Krikket said, it's just a learning curve right now.


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