Saturday, April 24, 2010

What to do when the raid is cancelled?

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I want to start this off by saying... i'm not really a raider. I had quit raiding back when Ulduar came out because Ulduar just... frustrated me so much, and the guild I was in wasn't the most progression oriented... Plus, my work schedule kind of conflicts with raiding heavily. That said, lately i've gotten back into casual pugging a lot lately. In the last two or three weeks i've done Trial of the Crusader, the new Onyxia, Koravon and Toravor (in the Vault of Archavon) for the first time... ever. I even attempted a 3-drake Sartharion zerg.. We were just barely shy on dps to bring him down. (We had him down to 40k health one time). So anyway, my point is, i'm hardly what you'd call a "real raider".

Now then, what is it that I do when i'm not raiding? Well, that's hard to say. I have several 80s (mage, dk, hunter, pally, warlock) so there's always dailies to do.. Those get monotonous really quickly however, so I only do those on maybe one or two characters before my eyeballs want to bleed. I could level one of my other characters (a 74 rogue, 73 warrior, 59 shaman), but I dunno. Warrior and rogue levelling just seems exceedingly painful, and i've only just recently gotten back into levelling my shaman... That is a lot of fun. (I might make a blog about that in the future). Here lately, what i've been having the most fun doing is getting BC reps on my hunter. I just recently got him up to exalted with the Sha'tari Skyguard, and i've also been working on his Netherwing rep (two of the coolest rep mounts in game, if you ask me). I can also be seen flying around the Storm Peaks a few times searching for the Time-Lost Proto Drake (no luck yet). I may even throw myself into a Wintergrasp battle here and there (although the alliance has the WORST win percentage on my server.

Another thing I tend to do is roleplay. All of the characters I listed above are on Wyrmrest Accord which is an RP server. If you have any negative comments about people who RP, I don't really want to hear it. I roleplay because I genuinely enjoy the storyline behind WoW and roleplaying just adds a whole new dimension to weaving yourself into the game in such an immersive way, but it is admittedly not for everyone. I'm in a wonderful (albeit small) medium-rp, military style guild called , however none of them are raiders. That's okay though... If I wanted to get into a raiding guild and get back into the same routine that made me quit raiding almost year ago then I would... For now, I am enjoying my other little things to do and if I can pug myself into a raid, then awesome.

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