Friday, April 23, 2010

End of days?

(This too was created for the webcomic, and as such is posted exactly as I wrote it for that site)

Hey folks, it's Achloryn here again. Hopefully if you're reading this, then you either didn't read last week's blog, or you weren't so offended as to ignore my existance. That's a good thing! I hope you can at least appreciate what I have to say, even if you may not agree with it. That's the beauty of the interwebs. Everyone has an opinion, and if you express it a way that doesn't make you sound completely brain-dead, most people will react modestly well in response. (My apologies to the brain-dead out there. :3)
Well, this week I would like to share my thoughts on another hot topic. The Celestial Steed mount, recently put up for sale on the Blizzard store. Now, i've heard all kinds of sanctimonious slander from people about how this is the "death of WoW" and how people are "so lame for spending IRL gold on in-game items" and blah blah blah. Allow me to quote a post I saw in regards to this mount, and specifically someone who bought the bloody things.
"But no no, you go ahead. Buy your pretty mount that some intermn made in model editor in 5 minutes for the prife of a half a game. God I hate humanity, we need a cleansing BAD."
Now I hope that those of you reading this, whether you agree or disagree with the idea to sell this mount, think that the gentleman's opinion above me is: absolutely ludicrous at best, and borderline criminal at worst. I realize that this is just one lunatic's opinion, but seriously. If selling a mount can inspire this kind of idiocy to come out on a well known public forum... I don't even know what to say about that.
Here's the gist of it folks. Selling vanity items like pets and mounts isn't breaking the game for anyone, and it isn't bringing about the death of WoW. In my opinion: the people who think this is the end of the world are the ones who blindly and fervently praise the days of AQ40 as the glory days of WoW and how Blizz has done nothing but kill the game ever since vanilla content. (Funny, to me, how these people continue paying month-to-month for a game that's dead in their eyes, isn't it?)
For those of you wondering, no I don't have a celestial steed. I personally don't plan on getting one, but I see no real problem with others who want to spend their hard earned cash on an in-game mount. It has no effect on the economy, it has no effect in how that person plays their character, except for which button they press to start moving quicker. Seriously, it's just a mount folks.
I would like to reiterate that everything is my own personal opinion. It's not the opinion of Kelly or anyone involved with, and as such, any flames should not be directed towards her for giving me the opportunity to vent my spleen in such a public way. I hope that if you disagree with me so vehemently, you won't take it out on her or her comic, as it is simply a marvelous creation.

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