Friday, April 23, 2010

First timer..

(I'm going to note that I posted this for the webcomic, hence why I mention it a couple times. This is verbatim how I sent it to the author)

Well hello fellow Warcraft fans. You may or may not have seen me around the Wowhead forums, or posting occasionally here on Woweh under the name Achloryn. *waves* When Kelly posted about having guest bloggers on her amazing comic, I jumped at the opportunity. I think it's great to be able to be heard by a group of people that I have something in common with. Let me first say, I want to thank Kelly for giving me this chance to let me ramble. I also want to thank all of you for... well. Listening to me ramble. I hope I don't bore you too much. ^_^
I want to take a little time to talk about something I see and hear a lot of buzz about... What else could it be, but the ever-looming expansion: Cataclysm. Far be it for me to talk about something that everyone else is talking about, but there's a specific point that I would like to give my thoughts on, and I hope you'll take the time to read what i'm saying, and think about it for a little bit the next time you read of a new development on the x-pac.
I'm sure that, by now, most of you have read all of the class previews, the blue posts, and formulated your opinions on what's going to be great, and what's going to suck. If you spend any time perusing mmo-champion, or wowhead, then you know that opinions run the gamut from things like "This is going to be awesome!" to "OMG WTF BLIZZ BROKE MAI CLAZZ!!1!" and "I am quitting WoW. Blizz f---ed this one up!".. I would like to encourage everyone to take a long, slow, deep breath before finding which category you fit in.
Have you calmed down yet? Good, feel free to read on then. First off, everything that has been posted is to be taken with a bucket of salt right now. Cataclysm isn't even in beta, yet. Did any of you play WotLK in the beta? Do you guys remember how much changed between the beta and the launch? And for that matter, do you remember how much has changed between the beta and today? The people who are crying about Blizzard breaking their class, or claiming that they've broken what was good about this game need to chill out. Things are going to change between beta and launch. Things will change more after the launch. We have no idea what exactly is going to happen with the mechanics they're implementing, or the spells they're changing and adding. Hell, Blizzard isn't even sure what's going to happen between beta and release. This is their "rough draft" if you will.
Now, I hope you all don't think i'm being patronizing, because that is certainly not my intent. All I am trying to do is say, give Blizzard the benefit of the doubt. They've created this amazing game that we all love to play. They know things will need to be adjusted, and that changes will need to be made. They will be wrong about how certain mechanics should work. If you read through the planned changes and find something that seems horribly wrong with your favorite class... Breathe.. count to 10... Re-read the preview and all of the associated blue posts. Give Blizzard a chance to make our jaws drop, and drool like we all know that they're capable of doing.

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