Monday, August 2, 2010

I blather!

So! For those of you enamored by my blog and what I have to say (all 2 of you)... I did my first guest-appearance on a podcast today! I want to thank Esh and Kat, hosts of "Gaming Worlds Collide" for giving me a chance to vent, laugh, rage (a wee bit), and rename myself on today's (broadcast on 8/2/10) episode. If any of you are interested in the podcast, click here to listen to this episode. Also, you may notice, that the other guest on the show was none other than Lisanna (aka Restokin, from the famed blog). That's a high caliber guest for me to debut along side, but I feel like I held my own, made some good points, and wasn't TOO goofy to be taken seriously on the cast. It was a lot of fun. Debates were had, ideas were bounced, silliness was made, laughs were plentiful, and serious was serious'd.

Now then, what did we discuss? Druids! (If you went to the show link I posted earlier, then you know that by now). We discussed the direction druids are taking in Cataclysm. Things we liked, things we didn't like, things we think will happen, things that need to be shifted around (Furor, i'm looking at you), and so on. I talked at length about feral. Resto got a good bit of discussion, and balance was touched on a bit... I kinda feel like you lazerchicken lovers may've gotten the short end of the podcast, but Lis is far more resto oriented, and I am far more feral oriented. Either way it goes, I think it was a great discussion by all.

Disagree with anything that was said in the podcast? Let me know! Leave me a comment and tell me what you disagree with and why, and i'll be more than happy to discuss why I feel the way I do about some things. (Are you getting the hint yet lovely readers? LEAVE ME COMMENTS! :D)

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  1. I hadn't heard of that podcast before you mentioned it. I'm downloading it now and will listen to it this week :)


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