Monday, August 23, 2010

Today's blog lacks an "explicit" tag...

After my last two posts, i've come to the realization that not everyone likes having a bunch of obscenities streamed into their feedreader, so I will attempt to keep my cursing to a somewhat minimum for a few posts.

For the last week, I haven't been pvping as much as I was... I think my ADD has kicked in again, and while two pvp matches are never the same, doing too much of it can start to get a bit redundant like grinding heroics can. So... what I did yesterday was begin a shaman... I think this makes my 3rd one. Why did I create a shaman? Well... to be perfectly honest, i'm excited about some of the new talents and abilities they're getting in Cataclysm... Is it silly to start a class based on beta information that's highly subject to change? Ehhh.. maybe so, but I still like the basic concept of the class. Plus, i've never had a shaman above level 60, so maybe this will give me something interesting to do in my off time in between raiding. BoA gear makes the early levels so ridiculously easy and quick they might as well just give you the first 15 levels right off the bat.

As far as raiding goes, last week was another awesome week. I went on my hunter for the first time in ICC in quite a while... and he got his Kingslayer title! We also got a couple other people in the guild their titles... some of them have been exceedingly itchy over it. After a discussion over twitter, I realized that our raid has one of the most ridiculous compositions ever. Not sure what I mean? Let me show our kingslayer composition.

2 hunters (Survival and Beastmastery)
2 priests (Discipline and Holy)
2 warriors (Protection and Arms)
2 druids (Feral DPS and Restoration)
1 paladin (Protection)
1 shaman (elemental)

(BTW... Kotakh, if you're reading this.. we didn't have a mage with us. Math didn't sign on until after we downed Arthas)
Now then.. If any of you have done any amount of raiding then ICC was patched in, then there's probably a couple things that are making you scratch your head.
No rogue? Meh. Our two main-spec rogues are married to other groups as far as I know. No DKs? We've never had any main-dk's in our guild since it started lol. Now for the ones that really hurt your brain. A BM hunter?. Haha. We needed the extra stun given to BM via "Intimidation". An arms warrior? Heh. What can I say, he hates playing fury, and he's actually pretty decent at Arms.

The other hunter (the survival one) was me.. I only went survival because we needed the replenishment... I loathe the SV playstyle, and my dps is much worse in reflection of that. I didn't bring my druid this week because I wanted a break from tanking, and my friend Soltaris (the prot pally) transferred and joined this guild... and he wanted a slot this week to get into ICC for the first time. Now... his gear wasn't horrible, but if people were to check his gearscore they probably wouldn't have picked him up in a pug (he was, i think, 4.7k or 4.8k at the time). Now... let me give a bit of background info about my friend. He hadn't raided one time since I met him... He did, I think, a wing or two back in Naxx... some light raiding back in vanilla, and then one VoA a week or two prior to this... and he came in to offtank for ICC.

So... I was kind of co-raid leading with the MT Shermaan, and basically.... Solt got to do all the same fun stuff I had to do my first time in ICC. Off-tank for most fights. First tank for Festergut (pungent blight or w/e it's called made his threat more generation plenty after a couple stacks), abomination pilot for Putricide (where he wiped us the first time just like I did, but did perfectly well the 2nd)... and shadow-orb tank on blood princes... MAN that's a tough job. Combining that with some more computer issues through our main tank and sadly... I had to bring my fuzzbutt in to tank the other two princes. Not anyone's fault though, but that was a big stalling point for us. We wiped on the council more than any other boss. Sindragosa you say? Bah. We went in and two shot her. (Did I mention that our off-tank had never so much as STEPPED INSIDE ICC before?) Arthas, you ask? Well.. let's just say that the third time is a charm.

That's right kiddies. 5 people on toons that didn't have a kingslayer title.. 1 of them never once stepped inside the raid -period-, and a hunter who mysteriously forgot how to not tunnel vision on certain boss fights *cough*, and we went and friggin PWNSAUCED ARTHAS ON THE 3RD TRY.

Sounds like a great week to me.

Post edit: You may notice I changed the banner screenshot... and you may notice that there's a cat floating in said banner screenshot. Funny thing happened there. When we got Arthas to the magic 10%, he was in the process of doing a soul harvest on our kitty druid... So the cat died with the rest of us due to the RP event, but she also had a body floating in mid-air from a soul harvest.... Go figure that one eh?


  1. Floating kittys ftw!

    And that was a really nice raid with an OT that hadn't set foot in ICC. Well done :)

  2. I was sure we had a mage...but after checking out the pic i have to say you're right, we didnt have Math.

    It was a great week and i am VERY happy to finally have my KS title. :)

  3. Our DK was in Frostmourne when Arthas hit 10%. He came out and died floating in mid-air. My screenshot of the event actually has me in raid chat saying "lol Marik died in mid-air."

    Grats to everyone!

  4. Grats on more kingslaying :)

    I have to admit, I'm secretly quite into raiding with stupid *cough* non ideal compositions. It makes you approach fights which might have grown a bit stale in slightly more interesting ways. I'm not sure how we managed it but a few raids back we suddenly found ourselves at the Blood Princes with a raid consisting of only melee DPS and one hunter. It was ... interesting ... but we got through. The strategy was called "If anybody dares so much as tickle Keleseth I'll kill you myself." :D


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