Monday, August 16, 2010

PvP says what?

So, I don't know what's gotten into me lately... I've done more battlegrounds in the last few days than i've done in... shit, probably a year time. Why? Well, first I got my rogue to 80 (that makes number eight.. holy god i've got eight 80s) and I wanted to use him in pvp. And.... it was fun, but guh. Gearing up another toon from the ground up right now just doesn't seem all that appealing. So I turned to my hunter, who has more pvp gear than any of my other toons (and is pretty well geared otherwise). I quickly found out that I am TERRIBLE at hunter pvp... Right then. Well, how about some pvp on my druid, that sounds like fun. Wow. Now, let me start off by saying that my druid is a very well geared tank(For those who don't read older posts, i've tanked Arthas on him) so I figured, even without a lot of resilience, i'd have a good bit of survivability going in. This weekend, our call to arms was Strand of the Ancients... one of my favorite BGs to begin with. It's like a shorter version of Wintergrasp, only you get to be both sides in the same battle. You get to attack, and then you get to defend. (I won't give a full rundown on the bg, but if you like Wintergrasp, you'll have a -lot- of fun in SotA)

Now I farmed Strand for probably 3 hours on Saturday and ended up getting about 60,000 honor... as well as quite a few achievements on top of it. Holy shit, why didn't I start doing this sooner?. I knew they'd increased the honor gain or something like that but seriously... Why have I never done this sooner? This was the most fun i'd had outside of raiding in a long time.

So.. In spite of all that awesome and win i've come across in BGs.. i'm going to channel quite a bit of rage for a minute. If cursing offends you, you probably haven't even read this far to care, but warning.. I will curse a lot.

1st off.. Telling everyone in the battleground how much they "fucking fail" or how much they're "baddies" ISN'T GODDAMN HELPFUL. I hope a real life rogue mutilates you everytime you type with the worst kind of non-lethal poison they can find.. Piss off.

2nd. I'm all for strategizing in /bg chat. It's damn useful. It's how we can end up winning more. But saying things like "EVERYONE TO BLACKSMITH" is BAD ADVICE. Why? Because if everyone goes to the blacksmith to help your ass defend a node than the OTHER 4 are undefended. Sometimes you have to learn to give up one strategic point to win another, which brings me to my next point.

3rd. Know when to give up a fight. Now, don't misunderstand me. I'm not supporting the "Just let them 5cap so we can end this" people. You're just a step above the people who tell everone how bad they are. Granted, there may be no way to win a fight, but i'll be DAMNED if i'm just gonna roll over and die. Maybe it's a bit of my alliance pride but fuck that... I digress however. What I mean is that if you see 6-7 horde steamrolling towards the Fel Reaver Ruins while you have it capped... Chances are, that means there's another node with only one or two easily killed people guarding the other places. Regroup after you get (inevitably) owned and rush to another node.

I was going to have a 4th point, but it was more "Strand of the Ancients" tips than rage against /bg fucktards, so i'll put it as succinctly as I was told on twitter. "First to complain, least skilled.. ABSOLUTELY no exceptions"

In short... BGs are meant to be fun. Don't be an cocksmooch. Even if you get steamrolled by your opponents, there's just no need for it.

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  1. "I hope a real life rogue mutilates you everytime you type with the worst kind of non-lethal poison they can find.. Piss off."

    ROFL. I love this.


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