Friday, July 30, 2010

And so, it finally happened...

That's right.. We killed the Lich King. Sure, we possibly did it after everyone else on the planet did it, and with the 30% buff up, so some of you might not think it's a real accomplishment. BUT to those of you who say that, I will say this once, and only once.. FUCK OFF. The fight is still hard, even with a 30% buff. Buffs don't make you learn mechanics and when to avoid defile or when to kill valks or anything like that.

Anyway.. Just wanted to get that out of the way to keep any naysayers out there from trying to rain on my parade. We killed Arthas last night, and damn it felt good. I can honestly say that 6 months ago I wouldn't have imagined myself getting that title on a tank. A year ago, I can say I didn't picture myself getting that title -at all- because I was so burnt out on raiding. Funny how things can come full circle like that eh?

Speaking of things coming full circle.. The GM of my RP guild on Wyrmrest Accord recently server transferred his main (a paladin) to come join me in on Azgalor... I think he finally got sick of me telling him what i was doing over realID. hahaha. Oh well. Maybe sometime we can get him his kingslayer title as well... and if not, meh oh well, there's always gonna be an INTERNET DARGON to kill... Especially with the Cataclysm coming up.

Short post today I suppose. I just wanted to toot my own, and my guild's, collective horns for a bit and say FUCK yes. We killed Arthas. Damn it feels so good.


  1. congrats, we are still working on it too, and all that matters is you completed it and are proud of it. I am hoping to get this accomplishment done myself too

  2. The bigger achievement last night was that we really are just a two week old guild, with a brand new raid team.
    to i say grats.

    We are ranked 16th on realm, alliance side

  3. This is awesome news! Congrats!!

    And don't let anyone tell you it's not a real accomplishment. You and your guild still worked your butts off for that kill and you deserve every bit of the pride that comes with it!

  4. Grats on the kill, you dirty dirty Alliance. :3

    Seriously, doesn't matter if you had 0% or 30%, Kingslayer is a hell of an achievement and good on you for it.

  5. Thanks for all the congratulations and support about the "not a real achievement" thing. I haven't actually -heard- anyone say that, but I just expect that i'll run across that POV at some point... but I digress.

    @Zephon, dirty alliance we may be, and we may have king penis the limp.... but at least we don't have Garrosh. >.>

    @Avatar, keep pushing, you'll get it soon enough! :D

  6. Congratulations :)

    And I agree with you, it's still an achievement. You still have to learn all of the tactics and what to do or the buff won't save you from defile or not getting healed up enough to get the debuff gone. If anything it might allow for a second's delay on things (not defile) but that's about it.

    In short, no buff in the world would allow people to kill Arthas if they haven't got the tactics down to a T :) So big congratulations!

  7. Um, yeah... not everyone in the world has done it yet. I can tell you at least one Disc priest is pretty irritated she's not among them.

    Congrats on that biznaz.


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