Thursday, July 15, 2010


So.. My little baby druid is all grown up now. I had my first REAL experience tanking ICC, and it went HOLYSHITWELL.

I say first "Real experience" because tanking Dreamwalker is like tanking a heroic. Keep an eye on the adds, and your good. OTing Sindy is basically dpsing the first half of the 2/3 of the fight and then learning to not ICE BLOCK THE RAID.... but I digress.

Tonight, in my guild on the US - Azgalor server, this bunch of insane people went through the first 7 bosses with only 2 wipes (both of which were my fault for not knowing the mechanics of the fight well from a tank perspective.

First off, my SERIOUS hats off to Havelock and Shermaan for doing EXCELLENT jobs at explaining shit to me when I had no clue what was going on. I'd also like to thank the rest of the raid: Morkuma, Orithea, Kotakh, Allimony, Rhuan, Krikket and Aluwyn for bearing with me while I learned to kite oozlings on Rotface, and eat slime on Putricide (a fight i'd never seen before from ANY perspective). I caused wipes in both of those fights cause I didn't know what was going on. I admit that. Even after explanations, sometimes you just have to actually DO it to get the real feel for it. One wipe was all it took both times, and we downed the first two wings of ICC before the lag monster reared it's ugly little head on our main tank Sherm, causing him to basically lock up as soon as he charged the Blood Prince council. (Or as my guild apparently calls them, the Twilight Sparkle Party).

Now, on to other news. What have I been doing for the rest of the week? Why i've been grinding my brains out in BC dungeons and BC heroics for the hell of it. Why? Simple: Rep, Achievements, and LOTS of money. Honestly, i've made about 1k gold a day just from running these heroics all over the place. (And by all over the place I mean from about 3-4 dungeons... mayyybe.) I'll probably dedicate an entire post about this later, but man.. some of those places are hard to solo. Even as a well geared tank, I find myself having issues with some bosses, but I digress. Lots of BC heroics later (about 4 days worth of simple grinding) and my druid is now the proud owner of a swift flight form. Yayyyyyyyy!

Well, that's it for now. I think i'm going to have to be posting more often cause my numbers keep falling off!
(it's my bear! he's waving at you!)


  1. Just want to say i was very impress with you tanking yesterday.

    For someone who had never tanked ICC (and never seen some of the fight at all) you did exceptionnaly well.

    I especially like the speed with which you correct your mistake and grasp the fight. Thats the making of a great tank.

    I'm also very happy to have found your blog coz i'm very often bored at work lol.

  2. That's amazing and fantastic, both! I wonder if knowing the other fights, even if you hadn't tanked them, gave you time to get into sync with the rest of the raid crew so that you adjusted so quickly on the fights you didn't know? And, as you said, the fantastic raid leading/explanations.

  3. @Valkyrierisen I think it's a combination of everything really. Great raid leading, me having experience with the fights, and just.. we meshed REALLY well together. I've never felt so... in place with a raid group..

    okay.. i'll stop gushing before someone expects me to propose to SiB as a whole or Amber and Ori individually (which i think they're both engaged anyway, so i don't wanna get my ass kicked)

  4. I think tanking can feel like such a powerful thing, because it requires initative and attention on a level that most DPS will never need to do. It also gives you a lot of control over fights. I'm so glad it went well!

  5. This is totally a comment. HALLO BEAR!



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