Saturday, May 22, 2010

Stream of unconsciousness...

Hey everyone. Sorry I haven't posted in a few days, it's been a kind of crazy week. So, i've decided to put a hold on my priest until Cataclysm in order to have at least one character to level through the new content. If you know me at all, though, you know that i'll level at least one more character after it happens. Right now, i'm working on a paladin (my effing 3rd one.. what is wrong with me? lol). I want this guy to be a tank though... but I hate the idea of gearing up a tank at 80. Anything before that is no big problem though... especially once I hit 70. Cobalt gear makes for easy tanking.

Oh, have I mentioned that I am the new hunter column writer for Horde Review? I took up the position a couple of weeks ago, but I honestly don't remember if I mentioned it on here or not. I will have an amazing interview with Brigwyn from The Hunting Lodge and Brigwyn's Corner. I will probably have to break the interview up into several parts, but I should hopefully have it up on the site within the next couple of days. (Mental note: find a better way of logging IM conversations. Took forever to edit the messanger names out of the conversation). Brigwyn is an awesome guy with a great view and unabashed opinion on all things in game. All of the old The Hunting Lodge podcasts are still up on his site (the one I linked earlier) and they're some great listens. They're not specifically FOR hunters, they're (as Brig put it) about Wow, from a hunter's perspective... or actually 2 hunter's perspectives. I would be completely remiss if I didn't mention Brigwyn's cohost Daewin. Maybe i'll try to talk to him at some point.

Anyway, I'm doing quite a bit of babblng, so I think i'm going to wrap this up for now. Thanks for listening... er... reading.. :D

Update: bahaha.. Oh man guys.. I just fixed a bad html code. I was REALLY tired when I wrote this.. guh.. fail on my part. >_<

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  1. I recently leveled a protection paladin to 80. Gearing isn't bad. When I hit 80, I purchased as many purple AH tank pieces that I could. When I hit about 27k health, I started doing random PUG heroics.

    Some players were annoyed because they had to actually pay attention, but it wasn't all that bad.

    Good luck.


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