Thursday, May 27, 2010

See, what had happened was, I ran out of ideas...

So yeah, apparently i've not been writing in this blog as much as I had initially hoped. I really am going to try and rectify that, but I am not entirely sure that I have a lot to say other than senseless babbling.

Levelling my paladin goes well. I have him up to 35 now I think. I dunno, levelling isn't really all that bad for me, I don't guess. At least, ffs, it shouldn't be with as many toons as i've leveled. (6 80s, 3 70+s, a 60.. yeah. it's crazy) The paladin really is one of the easiest classes to level. Yeah, it can get a bit tedious at times because the consensus is that you basically auto-attack until level 50 when you can get crusader strike. There really is a lot more to it than that. One thing that people tend to overlook is that paladins have a damaging taunt. Hand of reckoning is immensely overpowered at low levels, and really makes killing things quick and rather painless. And you get it at level 16 I mean come on. I've had Hand of Reckoning taunts that crit and instantly take out more than half of a mob's health... Mobs the same level as, or higher than me. Here's the cool part. Anytime a mob "Runs away in fear" they're no longer targeting you... nuke them with your taunt before moving on to the next mob. Also, if a mob is healing himself, he's not targeting you, so bam.. nuke him with the taunt. Dead useful when you're fighting things like those bloody redridge shamans/mystics or something of that nature. And hell, once you get your pally to level 20, you get consecrate. That's the be-all end-all of aoe levelling. Don't like aoe levelling? Well, you also get exorcism. Does just as much damage as Hand of Reckoning does, give or take. Cool thing? Your taunt isn't on the GCD. You can wind up an exorcism and throw HoR at the tail end of it, and they'll both damage the mob. Instantly half dead = win.

Wow... I rambled on a lot more about pallies than I thought I would. Heh. I'm sure no one minds. Or maybe you do, idk. I don't care either really. You'll either read the blog or you won't. :) With that, though, I am going to close this out.

Oh, one last thought.. Who in the hell taught Lady Gaga the secret to music taking up permanent residence in your brain. A friend of mine was listening to "Bad Romance" and it's been stuck in my head ever since.. This was fracking almost TWO DAYS AGO. Someone help me.


  1. Multiple paladins are exceptionally brutal for that very reason. Trading off Hand of Reckoning taunts just slaughters the mobs.

  2. I always enjoyed levelling paladins, they are by far one of the easiest classes to level (albeit also one of the most boring ones until you get quite high).

    And that Lady Gaga - she's just evil.. I tell ya!


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