Thursday, May 6, 2010

OMG you guys... Guys.. You guys!

CATACLYSM! Holy crap. The powers that be at mmo-champion have released an ENORMOUS amount of Cataclysm spoilers from the closed alpha. I repeat.. THERE ARE SPOILERS. Screenshots, and professions, and more screenshots. Over 200 screenshots. I went to check it out because I am a sucker for these things and I am purely drooling over the upcoming expansion to our beloved WoW.

Keep in mind, the info listed on mmo-champion isn't complete, and is highly subject to change (read: most likely WILL change at least some) between now and release.

Also - I have taken up the hunter columnist position at, which is a beautifully designed website for everything wow-related. Feel free to stop by and poke around.

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