Saturday, January 15, 2011

More babbling

So i've been neglecting my blog... apologies everybody. I have no intention of stopping blogging, I just haven't had much jump out at me as something that OMG I HAVE TO BLOG ABOUT THIS in the last month.

I guess, what i'll do is talk about what i've been doing in game lately. I've not been playing my fuzzbutt as much. Not because I don't like playing him anymore, but more or less he's well geared enough in my mind and we haven't started raiding yet. It was my decision to wait till the last week of January to start our official raiding, and i'm not entirely sure *why* i picked that date... I just kinda did. I figured that it would give everyone who wanted to more than enough time to get themselves "acceptably" geared for raiding, as well as give them time to look over fight strategies and... well... decide on where the fuck we're going first.

I put a post in my guild forums asking all the raiders where they wanted to go first, between the 3 raids (Bastion of Twilight, Blackwing Descent, or Throne of the Four Winds), and it has ended up being a 3 way tie between them... go figure. After that, I asked twitter. I think I may have done that too early, because now I don't remember what most people said... go me. I think it was a lot of Bastion of Twilight, but we'll see lol. (I'll take any opinions in comments as well, so feel free to tell me what you think we should do first ;D)

So... if i've not been playing my druid, what have i been playing? One of my other cadre of 80s? Oh no no, because that would be silly. No, i've actually been playing the absolute *shit* out of my priest... who is now level 85 (that makes a 10th toon over level 80...geeeeeeez. Only my 2nd 85 though). Anyway... After trying to play a priest several times over my wow career, I was finally successful with one, and I think it might end up being my secondary main once the new patch comes through and they fix shadow priest dps. Shadow is pretty fun, and I only died a couple times while levelling to non pvp-related things.

My priest is a female worgen, and I must say... after 85 levels of looking at that model, i'm pretty disappointed in the way they look. The female worgen models look *terrible* to me. Especially after having race changed my druid to a male worgen, which look incredibly badass. I think I might race change or re-customize my priest. Don't know just yet.

I feel like i've kinda been babbling on this post. Hell it's been sitting in my unfinished listing for almost a week. Oh well, I still have a normal subscriber base, so no one's left me yet ;D Thanks for hanging with me all. In other news, SiB raiding starts wednesday and i'm disturbingly excited about it. I should've had us start a week or two ago. Oh well. No excuses now, for people not being ready. I guess that's all for this post.


  1. Do you think that the priestie just finally clicked for you, or was it more 'cause of the changes Blizz has implemented (heirlooms and easier leveling)?

  2. I think something about it finally just clicked for me. I've even tried levelling them with heirlooms and stuff before, but this time it was just.. *there*. Honestly, that was one of the quickest i've ever blitzed through the levels.... Of course the lower XP from 71-80 and then the heirlooms + 10% from fast track and such, but even still. I was in cataclysm content before I knew what the hell was going on. Pretty crazy.


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