Monday, October 25, 2010

Word vomit

So, I honestly have no idea what to write about at the moment, so I am just going to babble, thus prompting the title of this post.

My guild *Stands In Bad* had a pretty good raid week this past week. We did another full clear of ICC10, doing Blood Queen and the lootship on heroic mode. My GM was on her disc priest, which she hadn't played much since the patch... so she was really thrilled with the idea of doing heroic blood queen... Wednesday, we also went in and roflstomped Halion (Now with video!). After putting Barney's face in the mud, we went and casually made Trial of the Crusader our bitch... All in all, a great 2 night raid schedule.

There's a problem we're coming up with though... we don't know what to do anymore, lol. It seems like everything we've already done is way too easy (for the most part), and the things we haven't done yet are EXTREMELY hard... of course we haven't put any more attempts on heroic Saurfang since 4.0 dropped... but we'll have to see what the raid comp looks like... and now for some more thoughts i've had since 4.0 dropped.

Warlocks and Elemental shamans are overpowered... good shitting hell. Our WoL for the last couple weeks is LITTERED with their names in the top-200 listings.

Levelling is ridiculously overpowered.. Rogues are the worst offenders, closely followed by warriors. When i'm getting one-shot on my priest/warlock by rogues or warriors of the same level, then there is a fucking problem... I realize it'll probably even out more once I reach outlands and forward from there, but seriously... Balance the shit out.

Disc priests are goddamn wrecking crews in battlegrounds. I get one-shot by arms warriors and subtlety rogues, but everything else I can either hold my own until backup arrives, or decimate in my own right. (Penance as an offensive spell AND a healing spell? bwahahaha).

Druid tanking is still as fun as ever. I feel that a nerf is going to come towards druid threat over long encounters... or maybe it won't because it balances out better at 85, hell if I know. But even without misdirection and tricks my threat is generally somewhere between "OMGWTF" and "Are you fucking kidding me?" after a solid minute of fighting. The only time anyone's ripped off of me in a long fight was on General Vezax... with a warlock pulling 20k dps because of the mechanics of the fight that MADE him pull 20k.. yeah, fun times.

BRAIN DUMP! Bah.. This is what happens when i put a blog post away for a couple hours. I posted again on MMOReporter... I generally do that once a week, but I may have another one up later in the week. Sadly, I didn't get to see Blizzcon, and a giant eff you to everyone who did NOTHING but tweet about it this weekend.. (<3 you all really. I'm just insanely jealous) This word vomit has been brought to you by the letter F for "FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCKKKKKK"... I'll have a less spazzoid post up at some other point... maybe, hell I dunno.


  1. Meh, I know the feeling. I've been busy with work and life and while I've been playing WoW I can't say I've had anything particularly interesting to blog about.

    I've not leveled anything low level since the patch. I guess I could give my 29 druid a go, but I want to delete her and make a worgen come Cata to try the changed world anyway so it feels somewhat pointless ;)

    Well, 7 more weeks (or thereabouts) and Cata will be here, and hopefully we'll all have plenty to write about! :)

  2. LOL interesting read! I am stoked about cata! WAHOOO we are all going to go blog crazy!

  3. @Saga, i've never worried much about what to write about because I almost never prepare my topics ahead of time anyway. I just kind of sit there staring at the blank page, thinking about what i've done for the last week and let it flow... so to speak.

    @Jezi - stoked doesn't even come CLOSE to how I feel about Cata... and that's aside from the aspect of having new shit to say when I blog too :D

    Also.. for the record, I almost typoed "stoked" as "stroked".. /facepalm


    Seriously, I could not be more pleased with the shaman changes - at least as far as caster shamans go. Which is good, because with two raiding mains both being caster-shaman, I kind of took a gamble and am very glad it paid off!


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