Friday, February 11, 2011

*Stands In Bad* is recruiting!

I don't usually tout stuff about my guild, but i'm going to follow my GM's lead. You should read the post of hers that I linked, because she words things well... And her blog is just fucking awesome.

So... Who are we?
Stands In Bad is a casual/progressive raiding guild that exists Alliance side on the US - Azgalor server. We've only been in existence since July of 2010, but since then we've been kicking ass at our own pace. Currently we are 5/12 in normal mode raiding, after only 3 weeks of raiding. We focus solely on 10 mans (because 25 mans are like herding goddamn cats, and i'm not up for that), and we are looking for people to fill out our just-forming second 10-man group. We are a very mature, open-minded group of people. Racist, sexist, sexual orientation-...ists.... (what do you call them?) Are *not* welcome. We welcome all types in our guild, so all types should FEEL welcome.

What do we need?
Well, as I said, we are filling out a just-starting second 10-man group. We basically have *Exactly* 20 people, but are looking for a couple backups and alternators. If you can only raid every other week, or have no issues sitting out semi-regularly, then we might be worth looking for. We're welcoming all classes, but we currently have no rogues, mages, or boomkins. Any kind of hybrid (tank/dps, dps/heals, tank/heals) is also welcome!

When do we raid?
Wednesday and Thursday evening, at 7-10 pm Central (our server time).

What's expected of you?
While we're not a "hardcore" raiding guild, we do ask you to do your best when you come along for a raid. If you sign up, you're expected to be fully gemmed and enchanted. When I lead raids, I always check gear before I post the final roster. While we do raid "seriously", we also have a lot of fun with it too.

Are you interested? Sound like we might be your cup of tea? Drop an email to Amber, our GM, at, make sure you include a link to your toon's armory and such. If you can use full words while typing instead of "text speak" it's a bonus! We don't have an official "raid applicant" form for you to fill out, so just tell us a bit about yourself. I'd also recommend reading this first, as it is our guild's charter. Look forward to hearing from you!

ARGH! Sorry folks, I had the wrong email address listed. NOW i've got the correct one. Sorry.. /headdesk

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