Sunday, September 5, 2010

Achievement Spam

Holy cow, followers, it's been a crazy week for me. Expect a lot of pictures for me, and not a lot of words.... except in places where not all of the achievements can be seen here. Hell, some of them I needed to look through my own armory's feed to see what they all were... SO, without further ado, let's bring on the pictures!

I'm starting off with an achievement that's been a long time coming. "Burning Crusader" is the achievement for getting all 5 BC Dungeon reps to exalted. Honor Hold (Thrallmar if you're horde), Cenarion Expedition, Keepers of Time, Lower City, and The Sha'tar... All of them finally exalted, after stalling and procrastinating and doing other things. Go me.

This achievement: "Exalted Argent Champion of the Alliance", is coupled with "Ambassador of the Alliance".. I know they're pretty common achievements these days, but the reason i'm advertising them is that it's my first time for either one. It's a long, boring grind, and I don't plan on doing it again for any of my toons anytime soon.

This, you might recognize as Ulduar. I was actually substituting for my guild's Ulduar achievement run... Their usual offtank couldn't make it for one reason or another. As far as I can tell, the guild just wanted me to help blitz through most of the bosses to get to Mimiron where the normal group could work on whatever drake achievements they could get from him, as well as bypassing the Iron Council, Ignis, and Razorscale for a couple remaining achieves on them. The achievements in the screenshot above are "I'll Take You All On" and "Lose Your Illusion"... Unintentional hardmode achievements, from what I was told... As you can tell, I was killed just before Thorim went down. I'm not entirely sure what happened to be honest... I just know that Thorim hits *hard*, and I kinda felt good getting these achievements wihtout even meaning to.

Con-speed-atory. I've heard people consistently bemoan this achievement... with damn good reason. There is a LOT of trash in Freya's room, and some of them hit rather hard. Now, 20 minutes is kind of a broad window, especially with a group of people who are ICC geared... but also keep in mind. I had to be explained *EVERYTHING* at this point. I'd never seen the Freya or Thorim fights before, let alone the trash leading up to them. It made me feel pretty good to know that I didn't hold the group back too badly on this one.

Now, this achievement isn't really a big deal... but out of the numerous times i've gone through the Flame Leviathan fight, "Unbroken" has never really crossed my mind for one reason or another. Someone mentioned, as we were blasting our way through the trash, that we should just not repair... It sounded like a good idea at the time, so we went with it, and proceeded to eat FL for breakfast.

I think that's all for my achievement whoring today. I'm not a huge achievement earner... mainly because I have the WORST case of alt-itis ever (As it is, i'm working on another DK, who is now 72), so it seems like a waste of time farming all those nerd points for one toon... But this was a lot of fun for a substitution and a little over 2 hours time before work :D


  1. Nice work! I'm impressed.. mainly cause I'm too lazy myself to work on achievements unless they give me a pet or mount (I'm addicted to pets and mounts hehe)

  2. Grats on your many achievements! I've racked up a quite a few on one toon this week as well. Thank God for less dailies to do, that is all I can say. :)

  3. Congrats on so many achievements! I try to keep them on one toon, otherwise I'll just go insane. And I'm really impressed withe the burning crusader achievement! Nice work.


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